Battle Ready Swords

Battle Ready Swords

This section includes all our "battle-ready" swords. The term "battle-ready" can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people so I will explain what WE mean by "battle-ready".

If nothing else, the sword must be full-tang in order for us to consider the sword "battle-ready". Full tang means that the blade of the sword extends past the handguard to the bottom or 3/4 of the way down the handle. This is important for any sword to withstand the momentum of swinging the sword (as in practicing forms and strikes) or coming in contact with other swords with great force.

When someone states that a sword is full-tang, that does not mean it is combat grade steel, hand forged or even sharpened. Some swords will be battle ready in every way except it has a display edge or flat edged (dull). These swords are often used for reenactments.

We have a variety of swords that are handmade with combat grade steel and full tang. Usually the hand-forged or forged blades have combat grade steel made of 1045, 1060, or 1095 high carbon steel, Damascus or hand-forged 440 stainless steel. Most of the 440 stainless steel blades are meant for decorative purposes only (although some may be full-tang and therefore considered battle-ready and good for practicing forms or non-contact training)

If any detail is lacking in the description of the sword you are interested in, or you are confused as to what you are reading, feel free to call us at the phone number below. Ask for Joe. You may message on facebook, however due to the overwhelming amount of messages that we receive on facebook, responses may take some time.

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